Friday, September 30, 2005

Pulling a Fast One

Alan was scheduled to work at 8 o'clock. He needed new shoes for work, because you could see his toe through the sole of his shoe in his old ones! April doesn't let her men walk around like that! ;) Since the shoes weren't for anything special, we went to Walmart. It was around seven. I love shopping. We were there, and I was trying on hats, shoes, and looking at purses. But Alan took longer than I did to find shoes. He's such a girl. ;)

As we're leaving the store, I looked at my watch and it had suddenly become 10 to eight! Alan is supposed to be at work already. I have about ten minutes to get his ass across the city. Worse than that, he's still in his jeans and t-shirt! Not appropriate attire for him to walk into the workplace wearing when he's already late.

My solution to this? Speed like hell, while he changes his clothes.

With lightning speed, I swing out of the parking lot, and onto the road, and I don't give the gas pedal a break. I'm weaving in and out of traffic trying to pass people. I hit a red light, but I'm lucky enough to be first in the lane, so I can fly down the road with no one in my way when the lights change again. I look over at Alan, who's still got his clothes on. I pull his work shirt from the backseat, and throw it to him. "Take off your shirt!" He obeys, and removes his shirt, seatbelt still on. I'm laughing, and too afraid to look at the car beside us. He takes off his shirt and puts the other one on. He asks me to hand him his pants. He starts unzipping. We're both laughing, and I mention that it'll be a fantastic blog entry.

The traffic light turns green, and I hammer on the peddle again. My car starts to move, and I'm ahead of the traffic behind me. Except this white van. It's following me kind of closely. I laugh and think that this guy must be in as much of a rush as we are, and I push on the gas a little harder. Looking in my mirror, to see if he's still close, I inspect the van a little more closely. I can barely make them out, but those are unmistakeably lights on the roof.

"Alan, oh my god, that's a fucking COP CAR!"

Friday, September 23, 2005

My apartment has still been undergoing construction since I've come back. I've learned I LOVE to plaster! I suppose it's the perfectionist in me - I love smoothing this stuff on, filling in all the imperfections, and then sanding it neat and tidy. I think I've gone overkill on it, but who cares? My walls will be perfectly smooth for when I put primer on.

I've lived in this apartment for three years, and hated it every day until recently. I love my new floors, I love the idea that the bubblegum pink and minty green paint will soon disappear under vivacious reds and coffee tones. Replacing the 70's bathroom sink that has ancient PLASTIC taps for a pedestal sink! :) I'm excited about living here now. It's my project. Something that will turn out to be a true representation of me, and my style.

Alan is officially moving in on Monday. His job has been transferred to a location close to here for then. He seems so happy.. :) I hope I can keep him happy while he's here 24/7.

My phone will be hooked up starting on the 30th, meaning I can take calls all day and night without having to worry about my cells daytime minute allowance. YAY!

I'm now off to spend one of my last days here alone cleaning and enjoying being able to have "April" time. :)

Friday, September 16, 2005


I was surprised to hear that Alan told his parents yesterday that he is moving in with me. We had a date set of October 14th for his move, but likely it will be closer to the end of the current month the way things are going. That's another step up from after Christmas which was the original plan. Things are moving quite quickly.

I went to pick him up after a night out with friends, around 11:00. I had told him earlier in the day that I would be there at that time, and to meet me outside. I pulled up at about 10:55, turned on the dome light, and started to read. Five minutes later, Alan came outside. He was smiling, and I knew what was going on. His parents wanted me to come in. Shit. Shit. Shit.

Remembering that his mother has been bedridden for the past week due to a knee infection, I walk towards the door, saying "At least your mom can't get out of bed yet. Right? Right?" He looked back at me, and smiled a little grin. Shit. Shit. Shit. She's up and walking towards the door as we walk in. Shit. Shit. Shit.

I'm terrified. Literally. Not of physical harm, but of the uncomfortable conversation that is about to unfold. I've never done well with uncomfortable subjects, which comes from my mother. If you try and bring something up to my mother you want to discuss, she just shuts down. I'd like to think I'm not that bad. But if there was ever a time I would, it would have been last night.

His mother sat down on the loveseat in the living room, and asked me to sit down next to her. The first thing she said was "It's OKAY!" hahaha :) I think she could sense the tension. But they did try and talk us out of it, which was fine. In fact, I would have been shocked if they didn't, because they're good parents. Good parents try and change their only sons mind when he wants to move out and shack up with his girl at nineteen, after only three months of dating. Alan, you're lucky. What did my mom do when I told her you were moving in? She certainly didn't say anything like your parents did. Your parents care about you.

Aside from telling us that they don't approve of how fast it's happening, they did inform us of some very good things that we hadn't considered, such things as health insurance and how he wouldn't be qualified for the family insurance if he didn't live at home. That's something that I didn't know. So when he does move in, his address isn't going to be changed on any documentation, such as his drivers licence. To me, that makes it feel less "official," but I understand it.

They are such caring people. they love their son so much, and it's shown in everything they do and think about. They asked me what I was missing from my apartment, and I was sad to have to tell them that I have everything. Down to dishes and everything. They said they'd been carrying stuff around with them in storage the many times they've moved for "Alan's first apartment," and I think they're sad that they don't get to really help out all that much. It came up that they're likely going to give us their old dehumidifier, which is great, because that's saving me at least $150. I was reluctant about it at first, but it really does make sense if they want to buy a newer, quieter one, because we really really do need one. His mother has been after me for weeks on whether I have one or not yet, but she doesn't realize that I simply don't have a few hundred dollars just to throw away, especially the way gas prices were. I used all $200 of my emergency money since my last paycheck. But I don't want her to think that I'm not responsibly budgeted.

Later on, I asked how his sister had taken it. She's only young, about 14. Her and her brother get along so well, and as Alans father put it, he's her link to sanity. hehe :) I don't have any siblings, so I don't know what that's like. But it can't be fun to think that you're going to be the only child left in the house. Alan assured me it's not quite as bad as hs mother put it.

As we were getting ready to leave, it was close on midnight at this point, his mother said "Thanksgiving is HERE, and that's final! You can even help me with it." I almost cried there and then.

Eep. I thought it was hard to balance two sets of parents. What the hell am I going to do with THREE? :)